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About Firas Engineering Consultant Company

Firas Engineering consultant was founded in 1996 in the city of Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates to carry out the design and supervision of its own projects and follow-up in the proper form.

The aspirations of Firas are limitless where there is current projects under design and other ongoing and future projects that will have a great impact, and we are keen to keep up with scientific and technical development that invades all areas of modern life, and to provide all the new and modern and sophisticated, to keep our customers the freedom to choose different designs, technical and engineering shapes for their residential and commercial projects with all the equipments and services that are compatible with their wishes.

The technical capabilities and equipment of modern villas and buildings, etc., accompanied by permanent development and modernisation along with the efforts and hard work of his office staff  and the unlimited  desire  to satisfy the tastes of its customers make our office assume undisputed center stage in the field of design and supervision.

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